A bit about us..

We are dedicated to a growth-minded culture with a skilled talent pool who are at the forefront of emerging technologies.

The EQ Difference

Experts in the "hard to fill" positions.

People are at the heart of any successful business. At Enterprise EQ, our focus is to build teams who love their work and love their workforce. Every year, we connect hundreds of professionals to partners across the globe. Our talent consistently delivers innovative solutions to challenging problems in engineering, technology and a variety of other industries.

What makes us different? Most talent or staffing firms spend close to 100% of their effort on finding people who fit 80% of your requirements. At Enterprise EQ we’re dedicated to finding the right one with the extra 20%. We’re committed to finding the “hard to find” talent for our clients in the most challenging of projects.


Welcome to the forefront of innovation.

Here it's all about the people. Our mission at Enterprise EQ is to re-skill for the future. We are dedicated to educating, improving and refining our talents' skills which has fostered a culture of positive growth and success for us all.
EQ takes the time to fully understand their clients' needs, not just from a technical perspective, but also what kind of soft skills are best suited for the position. They then weed out every candidate that is not close to what you are looking for and only present the close matches to you. This is an incredible time-saver, as it allows the hiring organization to spend their time picking the perfect candidate, rather than weeding through a flood of resumes.
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We are HUB certified with the state of Texas.
At Enterprise-EQ, we are proud to be a minority owned business!

We are eager to find creative, passionate and talented people to join our crew.