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We’re passionate about bringing emotional intelligence into staffing - improving mental health, job performance, and leadership skills. When people are happy, they perform better. This translates to higher retention and as much as 15% lower total labor cost for your business.

Turn HR from a Cost Center to a Revenue Generator.

A Better Way To Build People Capital

Labor costs can account for up to 70% of a business’s bottom line. Attracting talent is a huge undertaking, spiraling corporations into a cycle of wasted cash and effort. High consulting fees, rushed/underpaid staffing that leads to scope creep and high turnover…it is a vicious circle that perpetuates itself. There is a better way to building people capital:

Safe Workplace Assurance
Competitor Surveys for Fair Compensation
Concierge Staffing Consulting by Experts Who Care
Reskilling Tools
Post-Placement 90-Day Talent Nurturing Program
Alumni Programs to Re-engage Past Workers
Talent Interview-To-Hire Ratio
On-time Project Realization Rate
Annual Labor Retention Improvement
Enterprise Labor Cost Savings

01Ethical Consulting

When it comes to finding and vetting talent, we don’t rush things. Our staffing consultants focus on the big picture, coming up with a staffing solution that attracts and retains the right talent to meet your business goals. We’re rarely the lowest bid on the table, but strive to be the best bet for your success.

02Talent First

Situating new team members goes beyond talent-fit. We ensure talent is well situated in their new position by running competitor compensation surveys and onsite HSE reviews. Once placed, our a 90-Day Talent NurturingSM program ensures a new team members are dedicated and on track.

03Scope Crush

The opposite of Scope Creep is Scope Crush. By ensuring talent-fit, retention and productivity our staffing augmentation programs typically complete business goals early. This reduces the overall cost of the project and accelerates the speed in which those goals deliver business value.

A Trusted Partner

Once you’ve experienced the E-EQ difference, you’ll understand why more and more companies use us to centralize their staffing into a talent platform that nets huge benefits enterprise-wide.
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Our people bring spirit, smarts and solutions to everyday real world challenges for our clients. Whether it be in healthcare, petrochemicals or renewable energy - our talented engineers, IT professionals, financial gurus and many other tech savvy roles contribute to business growth and success across the nation.

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