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Tap into the power of our talent-first approach to achieve project realization under budget and save as much as 15% labor costs per annum.

Stop making short-sighted staffing decisions driven by quick savings that yield massive attrition and scope creep costs later on.

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We’re more than just a staffing agency. As a leading talent management and consulting partner for companies nationwide, many depend on us for advisory and project services.

Labor costs can account for up to 70% of a business’s bottom line. We can help reduce your labor costs by as much as 15%. Attracting talent is a huge undertaking, spiraling corporations into a cycle of wasted cash and effort. High consulting fees, rushed/underpaid staffing that leads to scope creep and high turnover…it is a vicious circle that perpetuates itself. There is a better way to building people capital.

Our services include:

Staff Augmentation
Talent Acquisition
IT Staffing
Payroll & Staffing Provider
Project Resourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Industry Experts

From technology to energy, our advisors are experts in their respective industries. We understand your challenges and how to building lasting value for your company.

On-Site Team Management

Our onsite managers act as an extension of your HR department - taking away the stress and strain of managing large groups of temporary talent for your businesses.

Customized Talent Acquisition

We create unique talent employment models with every placement that drastically lowers risk and cost over the lifetime of project realization.

Talent Training & Development

We maintain extensive resources for upskilling and reskilling talent to be the best professional versions of themselves.

Helping Your Team Succeed

90-Day Talent Nurture Program

Our 90-Day Talent Nurture Program is a unique process which has proven to have an 80% retention rate for our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring our people are happy, well-placed and succeeding at what they love to do.

SOW Light Model

We ensure that our clients are never taken by surprise when the contract period comes to an end. We notify our clients a month in advance to provide ample time for the transition of power or an extension of the contract period.

Prime-EQ Hiring Events

Finding good talent is difficult, but finding top talent in high-demand spaces can be near impossible. That’s why we’ve created Prime-EQ Talent Events, showcasing premier candidates and creating a window of opportunity for you to engage and attract key individuals early in their search.

Industries We Love

Enterprise EQ places consultants that are skilled professionals across a wide range of industries in these times of explosive technological change. They contribute directly to the clients' growth and success, and are utilized according to client-specific criteria.

Technology Trailblazers

Globalization, cloud computing, mobile communications, social media, and a generation of "digital natives" are demanding rapid and continuous reinvention of how online services, software products, and digital devices are created, used, and sold.

Media & Communications

Consumers and enterprises demand even faster, more flexible means of communication in 2021 - packed with next-generation functionality. To meet these demands, leaders in the communications space seek expert consultation and highly skilled IT professionals to push the limits and keep pace with the speed of complex industry changes.

Energy & Utility Experts

Facing environmental and regulatory challenges, energy and utilities companies must improve financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and rethink service delivery. It requires new technologies and processes — from metering and monitoring, through billing and customer care — to improve efficiency and boost business performance.

Medical & Healthcare IT

Providing talent to the healthcare industry without the stress and risk. We access the very best healthcare talent whether it is medical or technology related. Out of our 50,000 qualified candidates — we help you find the right 1.

Enterprise EQ really delivers. Recently, they assisted us to staff an entire QA team with QA Engineers and they delivered the best candidates that were a perfect match for our openings. I really appreciated the quality of the candidates, quick turnaround and professional service I experienced with Enterprise EQ. They really know their stuff!
John – IT Director, Large Energy Company
EQ takes the time to fully understand their clients' needs, not just from a technical perspective, but also what kind of soft skills are best suited for the position. They then weed out every candidate that is not close to what you are looking for and only present the close matches to you. This is an incredible time-saver, as it allows the hiring organization to spend their time picking the perfect candidate, rather than weeding through a flood of resumes.
Brad - Large Logistics Company
In the Southwest Region, Enterprise EQ is the acknowledged leader in the field of IT personnel recruiting. The staff is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. The firm seeks to understand not only the technical expertise that is required for the position being filled, but also seeks to find the 'right fit.' Enterprise EQ is a trusted advisor.
Telecommunication Client - Director of governance, Texas
Enterprise EQ and their staff of recruiting professionals provide us with very customized and attentive service. They take the time to understand our business, and find candidates that meet our specific hiring needs. They always follow up appropriately, are extremely responsive, and are willing to go out of their way to accommodate our recruiting needs. I strongly recommend Enterprise EQ to anyone looking for a professional recruiting staff to help with their hiring efforts.
Nathen - Director of Infrastructure, Technology Company
Working with Enterprise EQ is a breath of fresh air compared to the other options out there. I will confidently recommend their team to anyone I talk to.
Client - Financial Services Company, Northern California
I have worked with Enterprise EQ for several years in different Health Care IT positions, and have found them unique in their customer approach. They make a commitment and take the time to learn the company culture, the hiring manager's style, and the team environment. EQ takes it a step beyond finding the candidate with the right technical skills to finding the candidate that is the right fit for all aspects of the position. I have built several cohesive, effective, and tenured teams due to EQ's ability to take a holistic approach to recruiting.
John – CIO of a Large Health Care Provider
We have a seven-year relationship with the great team at EQ. It's a relationship we trust and a service we rely upon for the vast majority of our IT hiring and contractor needs. They truly take the time to understand not only our current needs but also partner with us on our strategic future requirements. Their knowledge of the National IT market is second to none!
Vasu - Director of Information Technology at a Large Retailer, CA
Enterprise EQ is the best recruiting firm we've ever worked with. You're batting four-for-four on our software engineering and QA engineering hires. Simply Outstanding.
It's been my pleasure working with the folks at Enterprise EQ for the past three years. Mathew and his team have helped help me assemble a talented Quality Assurance organization and as our business grows, I will continue to rely on them to provide me with more candidates. I really appreciate the fact that Enterprise EQ takes the time to learn my business; when they present candidates to me, the candidates have been pre-screened and generally 'just right' for the job. It's clear that Enterprise EQ strives to provide top-notch professional services and I'm very happy to be working with them.
Client - NY
Thank you for listening to our needs and recruiting such great candidates for our various IT positions all over North America. Your team at Enterprise EQ is the best!
Moses - Chief Information Officer with a Large Bank
During the last six months as an End User Support Manager, I have had the opportunity to partner with Enterprise EQ to aid me in staffing only the highest caliber Desktop Technicians. Enterprise EQ has always provided the pool of qualified candidates at a moment's notice and understands the dynamic environment in which the gaming industry functions. Additionally, within these hard economic times, Enterprise EQ has risen to the challenge by demonstrating a true partnership with us and has successfully accomplished any and all tasks/projects presented to them. I would highly recommend Enterprise EQ for any and all staffing needs.
Client - End User Support Manager and Project Manager, Hospitality Industry, TX
I have worked with Enterprise EQ for a number of years. I have always found them to be reliable, thorough and persistent, and they have the highest ethical standards. I recommended EQ to my colleagues and friends looking for top-notch recruiters.
Client - Chief Information Officer, Airline Industry, IL

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