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With so many changes in the world from new jobs to employment models, wouldn't it be nice to have a partner to help navigate your dream career - not just find a dream job?

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90-Day Talent Nurture ProgramSM

Our 90-Day Talent Nurture Program is a unique process that ensures you're new position is a good fit. We are a staffing agency dedicated to ensuring you are happy, well-placed and succeeding at what you're doing.
“EQ helped me land my dream engineering job in the height of the pandemic. They were dedicated to helping find the right position that met all my personal needs.”
JonathanIT Software Engineer
upskilling and reskilling for your dream job

Your future is brighter with us.

The challenges you face today to make your next career move have certainly intensified. Let’s get creative to score your next dream job so you can work on your own terms.

Reskilling Tools

Sometimes the best way to move up is to move laterally. Let our staffing experts help you find new opportunities in other industries.

Dedicated Career Support

While getting a dream job is great, having a dream career is better. Chart a course and navigate continual growth.

Resume & CV Builder

Resumes are the first data set employers use to select talent. Our staffing agents make sure put your best foot forward.

Safe Workplace Assurance

Making money is a necessity, but nothing is more important than your health. Our team works with employers to ensure workplace safety.

Reskilling for Tomorrow.

Tired of the industry you're in? Concerned about its market or are you just ready for a change? You should never feel stuck in a position or industry. We are a staffing agency that can assess your skills and experience and help you quickly transition into a new and exciting industry.

Let's Get StartedYour new job starts here.

We are eager to find creative, passionate and talented people.



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