When it comes to talent, we take a proactive approach, finding top talent long before you need them. If you’re struggling to find top IT and Engineering talent with 65,000 active staffing companies in the US, you may not be working with the right partners in your supplier network.

Smart IT Staffing

With a shortage of candidates in several high demand roles, we understand the difficulties of locating top talent within the technology industry. Unlike a majority of other talent agencies who are still attempting to use a reactive administrative strategy, we approach our work with emotional intelligence coupled with technology to attract and build talent communities. Here are just a few of the challenges you may be facing:

Rising Wages

Wages are on the rise, causing a disconnect with budgets set 6-12 months ago.

Remote Work

The IT workforce prefers to work remotely where as business prefer on occasion in-person collaboration.

Double Dipping

The temptation for IT talent to work multiple full-time jobs can create a conflict of interest.

Stop using outdated methods that fail to attract qualified candidates and start working with a talent acquisition company that takes a proactive approach to staffing. Tap in to the power of our people today and let's start building your dream IT team together.

Prime-EQ Talent Hiring Events

Discover the EQ difference with Prime-EQ Talent Events, helping you locate the newest addition to your IT department. We showcase premier candidates and create a window of opportunity for you to engage and attract key individuals early in their search for a new position.
Top wave for design efforts to ensure the best hiring practices while looking good.

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