90-Day Talent Nurture Program

Even under the best circumstances, transitioning into a new role is stressful. People often become unhappy, unproductive, and ultimately leave due to small issues which could have been easily avoided early on if addressed properly.

The problem is that most people do not feel comfortable providing feedback in a new work environment. That is where our 90-day talent nurture program comes in.
Connecting talent so you can love your workforce

Communication Channels to Be Heard

Providing this communications channel makes talent feel heard and provides critical feedback to reducing attrition while improving your company’s culture and productivity.

Our program is designed to provide a comfortable, neutral outlet for candidates to speak openly about what they think about “you” and their work situation.

Truly Anonymous Surveys

What if candidates had access to consistent, truly anonymous, internal surveys?

An employee suggestion box that is instantly accessible, routinely used for candid feedback about your leaders and what employees felt about their leadership. All with zero repercussions.
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Lower attrition and grow your company culture through our 90-Day Talent Nurture Program

Improve Company Culture

Communications channels ensures your talent feels heard and can provide critical feedback that will help reduce attrition while improving your company’s culture and productivity.

Whether feedback is good or bad - embrace it! That way your HR & TA teams can respond tactically improve the individual employee experience before they leave you and take their people capital to a competitor.

A Program Backed by Results

In the long term, our program provides unbiased metrics to make better decisions in planning or restructuring various facets of your work environment to retain the vast majority of your employee population.
Collaboration is key to nurturing the best talent in the market.

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What's included?
Multiple touchpoints with each employee every week for the first 90 days of employment
Customized questions about their job, manager, commute, work environment, safety and, most importantly, “How do they feel?” and “How can they make a greater contribution to their team?”
We collect the information and discreetly submit the results in a report for you to digest, interpret and act on

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