Company NewsMarch 4, 2021

Enterprise-Logic Announces Rebranding To Enterprise-EQ, Affirms New Commitment to Offering Complete Talent Management Platform

Enterprise-logic, a leading staffing company, announced a rebrand to its visual identity and mission that reflects a profound commitment to client success and talent nurturing. Coinciding with the introduction of the new brand and name, Enterprise-Logic launched an updated corporate website ( focused on its new complete talent management solutions that build a better way for their clients to grow their people capital in today’s evolving workplace. The rebrand solidifies the company’s stance as an industry leader offering innovative staffing solutions and unparalleled client service.

“Our vision is to create a next-generation staffing company. We’re passionate about bringing emotional intelligence into staffing – improving mental health, job performance, and leadership skills. When people are happy, they perform better. This translates to higher retention and as much as 15% lower total labor cost. We want people to love their work, and companies to love their workforce.” said Tim Guerinot, COO of Enterprise-EQ. “Our mission is to deliver modern staffing solutions for modern challenges including talent nurturing, improved retention, remote work, and reskilling for evolving the job marketplace. The rebrand is not just cosmetic. We’ve taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market with ethical talent consulting and a talent-first approach.”

The new Enterprise-Logic brand is an evolution of the company’s previous brand that embodies Enterprise-EQ’s modern philosophy to the staffing industry. The new logo and vibrant colors reflect the company’s approach to their work: talent-first, passionate, and innovative.

“It’s been over 20 years since we’ve updated Enterprise-Logic’s look and feel in a significant way. The time was right to modernize, re-envision, and adapt our brand identity to reflect how we’re disrupting the industry,” said AJ Thomas, CEO, who has led Enterprise-logics success since 2001.

“Over the years, the staffing industry has changed. Huge inefficiencies, competitive underbidding and lack of accountability have led to record high employee attrition, discontent and failure to meet corporate goals. Our new brand identity represents a new philosophy and core ethos positioned to turn HR from a cost center to a revenue generator,” added Tim Guerinot. “One thing will remain constant, Enterprise-EQ is an ally to businesses and talent. We continue our unyielding drive to see our clients and talent reach new levels of success together. Collaboration and communication are the secrets to success within an ever-changing talent marketplace.”